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Seasonite is Owatrol’s ground breaking product for protecting new wood during its most vulnerable first year. When new wood is first exposed to the elements it is particularly vulnerable from the effects of excessive moisture and UV rays. If left unprotected it can very quickly begin to warp and crack causing unsightly and damaging results. Seasonite stabilises the wood and controls the transfer of moisture to prevent warping. It bonds with the fibres of the wood to provide protection against damage caused by UV rays and pollution as well as excess moisture to keep the wood looking new for longer.

Seasonite is easy to apply to vertical or horizontal surfaces and requires just a single generous coat. It can be applied with a brush and is ideal for softwoods, especially pressure-treated wood.  It allows the wood to weather naturally for its first year and prepares it for re-coating after 6-12 months of weathering. Seasonite dramatically reduces the risk of damage to your new wood structures during the first winter and allows the pores of the wood to open naturally. It minimises the greying and weathering process and after 6-12 months of weathering, Seasonite provides a sound surface for paint, wood stain or other finishes to be applied to.

Please note that Seasonite is only suitable for unfinished new wood. For weathered wood please use Net-Trol wood cleaner followed by a penetrating product such as Textrol wood oil.

Ideal Uses for Seasonite new wood protection

  • Protecting your new deck
  • Keeping your new summer house looking new for longer
  • Preventing warping in your new fence panels
  • Protecting new unfinished garden furniture
  • Preparing new wood for re-coating after weathering