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Bespoke Decor

Olfa Wallpaper Cutter MT-1/WP

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MT-1/WP Olfa Wallpaper Cutter, Designed & developed on request from British decorators, 12.5mm with Precision Auto-Lock Perfect for cutting wet pasted paper / wallpaper, no tearing

Blade Specification

  • Blade Model: FWB-10
  • Blade Length: 85mm
  • Blade Width: 12.5mm
  • Blade Thickness: 0.25mm

Olfa MT-1/WP is the only cutter made specifically for cutting wallpaper effortlessly.

Specially designed ultra sharp Excel Black™ glides through without snagging or tearing the paper, even when wet. 

The Olfa blade FWB has a unique 65° angle, which was researched and developed, an ideal angle for cutting paper against a wall, and getting into tight corners.

Olfa MT-1/WP cutter has a precise auto-lock mechanism that secures the blade firmly in place when cutting, resulting in perfect cuts and invisible joins.

Small fine ridges on the ABS plastic handle allow you to apply pressure with your index finger with confidence, without the fear of slipping.

The Olfa MT-1/WP has a built-in blade snapper & pocket clip, this cutter is ideal for any decorating and wallpaper job. Rust free stainless steel blade channels, an everlasting feature

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique 65° blade angle for getting the sharpest point to the paper, and getting into tight corners
  • Automatic Blade Lock (extra stable)
  • Built-in blade snapper
  • Built-in Pocket Clip