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Olfa MXP-AL Die Cast Cutter (Auto Lock)

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Olfa MXP-AL Die Cast 18mm Snap-off Cutter - Auto Lock

Featuring the 18mm blade, the heavy-duty handles are best suited for versatile cutting.

Blade Specification:

  • Blade Length: 100mm
  • Blade Width: 18mm
  • Blade Thickness: 0.5mm
  • Features
  • Auto Lock Model
  • Sturdy Aluminium Body
  • Stainless Steel Blade Channel
  • Rubber Over-mould Body For Enhanced Grip
  • Suitable For Right & Left-handed
  • Snap-off Blades Require Fewer Changes and no Flipping Around
  • Comes pre-loaded with an OLFA Excel Black blade (LBB)
  • Built-in tether hole
  • Wide Range of 18mm Blades Availability

OLFA paid meticulous attention to detail while designing OLFA’s next flagship. 

The high-end X-design handle Metal Hyper PRO is a combination of the die-cast aluminium and the non-slip elastomer fiber. 

The entire surface hardening makes the blade channel bending strong and wear-resistant. 

The tough handle made of massive die-cast aluminium stands out and shows its presence in the crowd. 

The new X-design solid 18mm handle, powered by a chrome-plated and hardened blade channel, is in a class by itself. 

MPN Olfa MXP-AL (Auto Lock)